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so this week: we got mail! lol for GSA workshops on July 27-29 and the conference next October.

new board:
co-prez: Axle and Anthony
vp: Lily!
secretary: michelle
treasurer: Frieda
;] good luck for next year!

x-posted on my lj:
GAY PROM last Friday was AMAZINGCollapse )
so it IS a possibility that going to Gay Prom will be an option.
if we do in fact get the ok, other people (whoever wants to go) can go with us.

also, we should do Elections next meeting.

and notify our club that Same Sex Couples are allowed to our school prom, or ANY dance for that matter.

:) just saying
so today we put the posters up and stuff. iono. i didn't talk unless called on in class, etc. ppl in my government class were all shocked when i said something after being called on. *sigh* ppl thought it was required or something, and they didn't realize that it's a CHOICE. eheh.

so yeah. iono. my personal opinion: the turnout for Day of Silence was kind of lame...there was only four of us sitting in the middle of the quad at lunch (i'd rather b sitting there with you three tho so yaye! :D hee ^^;;; )

...but i think i speak for the whole club when i say thank you to everyone who participated :D more power to you ^^;;;

anyone wanna share anything that happened to them?
for this week:
+talk to d'amelia about getting support to go to GAY PROM omg.
+talk about DAY of SILENCE
+introduce pile of stuff from college LGBT centers. showing options for college.

heh. i'll go to kinko's tomorrow and print flyers, posters, etc.
a comic about gay prom

here's info about the LA GAY PROM:


let's plan a carwash so we can take the club? and let's get a limo for it! :D