so this week: we got mail! lol for GSA workshops on July 27-29 and the conference next October.

new board:
co-prez: Axle and Anthony
vp: Lily!
secretary: michelle
treasurer: Frieda
;] good luck for next year!

x-posted on my lj:

...and it was AMAZING. A REAL, professionally organized prom made of AWESOME. everyone was amazing and dressed differently and omgz. it was like an awesome banquet. italian food of pasta and chicken and salad and drinks and freaking YUMMY desserts and people and wow. it was lots of fun.
the music was decently GOOD and there were lots of people on the dancefloor
it was really cool cuz it didn't matter who was who, or who was dancing with who, or what gender anyone was and all the dancing was amazing and wow. SO AWESOME and IMPRESSIVE x]
there were 2 drag queen shows which ROCKED and threesomes of guys dancing ee;;; omg. SO HOT. and these AMAZING dancers who looked professional and could do the splitz with cornrose in their hair and woah. hot.
and everyone was so HAPPY :) and it was fun and AMAZING DECOR and i just wish everyone i know could have been there to experience it. cuz wow ^^;
so axle was solicited twice, and allie met five ppl on the dancefloor, and lily was followed around by this creepy guy. but i was sad cuz i didn't rly meet anyone or find some pretty single girl on the dancefloor but that's ok i guess :) haha wutever. screw expectations. the entire dance was WAY better than i thot ^^;