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that's it for today. sorry if that was...disorienting @__@
to the three big things now are

+Day of Silence = making posters over the next two meetings :D (it's on the 14th so yeah)

+International Week (we'll probably bake this Sunday?)

+GAY PROM (rainbow themed car wash later? haha)
http://pandagon.net/2007/02/24/you-dont-stand-alone-wyoming-rep-zwonitzer/ from
heeey :]

I just first want to say that yesterday's meeting was really good, i felt like i made some new friends.


its on march 14 
and my idea is that this year we make it explosive totally huge in your face day of silence because these past few years its kinda been a in the background kinda event you know? but i really want to get people's attention especially since right now gay rights are hot issue 

what im thinking is that first off we can wear our shirts and just completely black like we've done before and do the name tags BUT i also think we need to do some major adversiting. I'm thinking we talk to Allie Guernnoo? because she's designed posters and things and we create some big posters which will first talk about d.o.s and then each one should have a fact about discimination kinda like those truth commericals you know? oooh maybe we can make announcements all week with quotes and facts maybe? probably wont be able to pull it off but i just think we should try to make this day as big as possible 

mkaay next monday we actually school! so we can meet and talk about it after school more :) 
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