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so today we put the posters up and stuff. iono. i didn't talk unless called on in class, etc. ppl in my government class were all shocked when i said something after being called on. *sigh* ppl thought it was required or something, and they didn't realize that it's a CHOICE. eheh.

so yeah. iono. my personal opinion: the turnout for Day of Silence was kind of lame...there was only four of us sitting in the middle of the quad at lunch (i'd rather b sitting there with you three tho so yaye! :D hee ^^;;; )

...but i think i speak for the whole club when i say thank you to everyone who participated :D more power to you ^^;;;

anyone wanna share anything that happened to them?
I just feel bad that I was out of school that day. I realized after school was already over to and was just like "shit".
awww *pets* OMG how r u? o-o;
*hasn't heard from you lately*
r u doing ok? :/